Joe Ledbetter's Toxic Swamp Qee's

This time, Joe Ledbetter has joined with Asian vinyl toy company, Toy2R and integrated his unmistakable design with the popular Qee toys. The mini Qee key chain versions were blind boxed and sold at about $8 each. They were fairly easy to collect with only the glow in the dark version being the moderately rare piece. The bigger 8" Qees were released in different times and vary in rarity. There was also a 36" version of the green bear created.

Release Year: 2006

Production Run:
8" Versions:
Brown Dog (200), Purple Cat (300), Glow Bear (100), Blue Dog (300), Green Bear (400), Pink Bear (100), Yellow Cat (660), Mono Cat (100), Orange Dog (504), Red Cat (300).
36" Version:
Green Bear (36)
2.5" Versions:
Anything but GID (1000)
GID (???)

Estimated Prices:
8" Versions:
Anything limited to 100- $150
Anything limited to >100- $40-60
Green Bear- $1500
2.5" Versions:
Anything but GID- $8
GID- $25

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