Cluster #2 Jigsaw

This is a puzzle of one of Joe Ledbetter's beautiful prints now on sale at his site for only $75. Click Here to grab it before it's all gone.
BTW Just refresh the page if you're done with the puzzle.

Vivisect Playset

This is the Vivisect playset blindboxes which feature multiple artists like Luke chueh, Thomas Han, Greg Simkins, Anthony Ausgang, Amanda Visell, Peter Gronquist as well as Joe Ledbetter. The figures pictured alone are the "King of the Deadbeets"(walrus) and "Ledkins".

Release Date:
Feb 7th 2008

Estimated Price:
$8 each

Joy Comes to Morning

In case you haven't seen it. Here are the travels of Mr. Bunny

Joe Ledbetter's Mono Gamerita

Release Year: 2008

Production Run:
Mono Gamerita- 100

Estimated Price- $85

Joe Ledbetter's 8" Tiger Dunny

Here is a rough sketch of Joe Ledbetter's upcoming 8" Tiger Dunny. It is being released by Kidrobot on March 20th. This is retailing for $39.95, stay on the lookout for the ultra endangered blind chase edition!

The chase is the blue striped one up top and the regular edition is the grey striped one.

There is also a high possibility that he'll be at KRNY for the release and signing. If you're interested, Kidrobot's New York address is
126 Prince Street; New York, NY 10012.

Joe Ledbetter's Smash

Jled Smash!

The pink "Candy" version is limited to 600 pieces
The brown version is limited to 1500 pieces. The yellow(pyro) is 200, the yeti(blue) is 600 and the gold is rumored to be 600. The rare lava is limited to 100 pieces.

Joe Ledbetter's Ringo Bears

After two years, Wheaty Wheat has created another quality Joe Ledbetter piece in the form of the "Ringo Bear". The Ringo Bear has posable arms and legs and come in a variety of colors. These sought after pieces are arguably just as good as the Firecat's and Mr. Bunny's. Each color other than the orange were exclusively released at different vinyl retailers.

Release Year: 2007

Production Run:
Orange- 600
Polar(blue)- 210
Lava(black)- 60
Toxic(Green)- 100
Euro(Brown)- 300

Estimated Prices:
Orange- $180
Polar(blue)- $500
Lava(black)- $1400
Toxic(Green)- $550
Euro(Brown)- $375

Joe Ledbetter's Teddy Troop

This is the 10" Teddy Troop figure by Joe Ledbetter and Adfunture. Teddy Troops are sleek and sport a removable hat that covers the eyes when put on.

Release Year: 2007

Production Run:
10" Teddy Troop- 500

Estimated Value:
10" Teddy Troop- $75

Joe Ledbetter's Series 3 and Series 4 Dunny's

These are the series 3 and series 4 Kidrobot dunny's designed by Joe Ledbetter. They didn't gain as much popularity as the L.A. Series Mr. Bunny but just having his name on them alone has given them more praise than some other commons.

Release Year: 2006, 2007

Production Run:


Estimated Prices:
Series 3 Dunny- $8
Series 4 Dunny- $6

Joe Ledbetter's Gamerita

The next in the KFGU's by Joe Ledbetter and Wonderwall are the Gamerita's. They are nicely designed with beautiful paint jobs. They may look stocky, but they stand 6" tall.

Release Year: 2007

Production Run:
Orange- 300
Glow in the Dark- 200
Pink- 100
Red- 300

Estimated Prices:
Orange- $60
Glow in the Dark- $75
Pink- $75
Red- $60

Joe Ledbetter's Finders Keepers

Another fine collaboration with Kidrobot has created the blind-boxed series "Finders Keepers". With all new sculpted designs except for the already popular "Teeter", this series breaks away from other traditional blind boxed toys. The major concerns that many buyers had were the quality of the painting, and the ultra-rare "chase" figures. Nonetheless, the pieces are still magnificent and every solid collector should still have a set. They retailed at $9 a piece.

Release Year: 2007

Production Run:

Estimated Prices:
Commons- $7-9
Rare (1/20)- $15-20
Ultra-Rare (estimated at 1/300)- $150-200

Joe Ledbetter's and Touma's Trexis

Play Imaginative, another popular toy company in Asia, got together with Joe Ledbetter and another great artist, Touma to create a series based on the growing Trexi toy. Although the Trexis are not vinyl, they have more movable parts and a movable half-head, which make them unique from other toys at the time. They are sold blind-boxed and retail at about $7 each.

Release Year: 2007

Production Run:
Commons (the ones in the middle)- a lot
The rare ones on the sides- ???

Estimated Prices:
Commons- $7
Rares- $20-$40

Joe Ledbetter's Sluggonadon

These are the Sluggonadon's which were produced by Wonderwall. They fall more into the KFGU (Kaiju for Grown Ups) genre than the mainstream vinyl toy scene. Although their popularity was never as high as the toys made by Wheaty Wheat, they are still beautifully made.

Production Run: Death Version (100), Clear Orange (100), Pink (100), Glow (100), Banana (50), Green (200), Mono (200), Clear Blue (200)

Release Year: 2006-2007

Estimated Prices:
Anything limited to 100- $80-$120
Banana- $200
Anythign limited to 200- $40-$60

Joe Ledbetter's Teeter

Another popular figure associated with Joe Ledbetter is the Teeter, produced by Kidrobot. With its cute design and ability to stand on either arms or legs, it is one of the few vinyl toys that you can actually play with.

Release Year: 2006-2007

Production Runs:
Pink- 2800
Orange- 400
Mono- 100
Super- 500
Pirate- 700

Estimated Prices:
Pink- $40
Orange- $85
Mono- $350
Super- $65
Pirate- $60

Joe Ledbetter's Toxic Swamp Qee's

This time, Joe Ledbetter has joined with Asian vinyl toy company, Toy2R and integrated his unmistakable design with the popular Qee toys. The mini Qee key chain versions were blind boxed and sold at about $8 each. They were fairly easy to collect with only the glow in the dark version being the moderately rare piece. The bigger 8" Qees were released in different times and vary in rarity. There was also a 36" version of the green bear created.

Release Year: 2006

Production Run:
8" Versions:
Brown Dog (200), Purple Cat (300), Glow Bear (100), Blue Dog (300), Green Bear (400), Pink Bear (100), Yellow Cat (660), Mono Cat (100), Orange Dog (504), Red Cat (300).
36" Version:
Green Bear (36)
2.5" Versions:
Anything but GID (1000)
GID (???)

Estimated Prices:
8" Versions:
Anything limited to 100- $150
Anything limited to >100- $40-60
Green Bear- $1500
2.5" Versions:
Anything but GID- $8
GID- $25

Joe Ledbetter's L.A. Series Dunny's

Joe Ledbetter, a fast, emerging artist joined forces with the fastest growing vinyl toy company in the U.S., Kidrobot. In Kidrobot's ever growing Dunny line, Joe Ledbetter created a miniature version of his Mr. Bunny as well as a pink "Ms. Bunny". The blind boxed Dunny's were randomly assorted with Mr. Bunny's being common, but Ms. Bunny was frustratingly hard to get.

Release Year: 2005

Production Run:
Mr. Bunny- a lot
Ms. Bunny- 400

Estimated Price:
Mr. Bunny- $20
Ms. Bunny- $100

Joe Ledbetter's Firecat

The next series of toys from Joe Ledbetter would be the Firecat's. The Firecat's are arguably slightly less popular than the Mr. Bunny's, but still held their own in creativity and design. The Snow/IceCat came out as well but no lava this time (I'm still waiting).

Release Year: 2005

Production Run:
Firecat- 400
Icecat- 104

Estimated Price:
Firecat- $400
Icecat- $550

Joe Ledbetter's Mr. Bunny

As far as I know, "Mr. Bunny" is the first toy that sparked major interest in Joe Ledbetter's work outside of paper and canvas. Designed by Joe Ledbetter and produced by Wheaty Wheat, it joined the trends of limited production. With its beautiful design and great quality, it quickly became popular among the men and women of the vinyl community. the lava bunny (black) and snow bunny (blue) came out shortly after with the snow being rare and the lava being extremely rare.

Release Year: 2005

Production Run:
Yellow- 400
Snow- 104
Lava- 50

Estimated Price:
Yellow- $600
Snow- $1000
Lava- $1800